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Hanish Bagga

Free Kundli Online Get Accurate Birth Chart Instantly


How to Check and Download Your Birth Kundli by Software?​

To check and download your birth Kundli by software you need to follow some steps.


First, simply input the correct name and sex.


In the next column, put the correct date of birth & time of birth.


Now, enter the place of your birth, your country.


Select a suitable chat style and submit the form.

This website offers a free astrology Kundli by date of birth, providing future predictions based on the birth time and information provided. However, entering the precise birth time is crucial to avoid receiving an incorrect Kundali with irrelevant predictions. You can prepare yourself for upcoming adventures by checking your Kundli chart now.

Kundli’s prediction has its roots in Vedic times, and this website ensures that its free Kundli software upholds the Vedic tradition. Downloading a Kundli is also easy. After creating a detailed Kundali, users can simply locate the “download pdf” button in the left options and click on it.

If you are interested in a free Janam Kundali analysis, visit our website and discover your Kundli and future. Users can also find information on how to see their Kundli online and use the Kundli generator to match names for online Kundli matches.

What is Birth Chart or Janam Kundli?​

A Birth Chart, also known as Janam Kundli in Hindi, is a graphical representation of the positions of celestial bodies such as planets, stars, and constellations at the exact time of an individual’s birth. This astrology Kundli is created using the individual’s birth date, time, and place of birth.

The Birth Chart or Janam Kundli is used in Vedic astrology to gain insights into an individual’s character, potential, strengths, weaknesses, and the course of their life. The positions of the planets and other celestial bodies in the Birth Chart are believed to affect an individual’s life profoundly. They can be used to make Kundli predictions about their future.

Benefits of Janam Kundli

Things to Check-in Your Online Birth Kundli​

Ascendant or Lagna

Check your Ascendant or Lagna, which is the Zodiac sign rising at the time of your birth. It is the most important point in your Janam Kundli and defines the overall theme of your life.


Planetary positions

Check the positions of the planets in your Kundli, including the Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Rahu, and Ketu. Each planet depicts different elements of your life and can impact your personality, behaviour, and destiny.



Check the different houses in your Kundli, which represent various areas of your life, such as career, finance, family, love, health, and spirituality. Each house has a specific meaning and can give insight into your life.

Dasha periods

Review the Dasha periods in your Kundli, which are the planetary periods that impact your life at different times. Each Dasha period lasts for a specific duration and can greatly impact your life events.



Check the Yogas or combinations of planets in your astrology Kundli, which can indicate favourable or unfavourable conditions in your life. Some Yogas indicate wealth, success, and happiness, while others indicate obstacles and challenges.



Check if your online Kundli suggests any remedies for doshas or unfavourable planetary positions. Remedies can include wearing gemstones, performing specific rituals, or making lifestyle changes to improve your life.

Hanish Bagga Astrologer

Hanish Bagga, founder & director of “Acharya Ganesh” is a distinguished figure in the field of Astrology, known for transforming the domains of astrology, vastu, and other disciplines. He has worked in the astrological field for more than a decade and is well-known and respected for his unique methods and profound insights.Raised in the culturally rich and spiritually infused environment of Rajasthan, India, Astrologer Hanish Bagga was deeply influenced by the state’s myths and traditions. This upbringing instilled in him a deep respect for ancient wisdom and the significant roles that cosmic forces play in our existence. A strong inner calling propelled him from a prosperous sales and marketing profession into the esoteric field of astrology. This transition underscores his commitment of exploring deeper life meanings and assisting others on their personal paths. These formative experiences laid the foundation for his future as a revered astrologer who helps people towards greater self-awareness and fulfilment.


Hanish Bagga has served numerous celebrities and has been a part of various events. His gallery features pictures of him with famous personalities from various fields, reflecting his reputation as a trusted and respected astrologer.

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